V60 is Japan origin, final brew from V60 is crisply clear and full of delicate flavors.

You will need:

20 grams of coffee filter ground

330 grams of 92°C water

Příprava kávy V60 detail La Boheme Cafe

    • Put the paper filter into the V60 and rinse it well with the water.

    • Pus the ground coffee in and soak it with 40 grams of hot water. Stir it well to soak all the coffee grounds. Wait for 30 seconds.

    • Then pour slowly the rest of the hot water, total it will be 330 grams.

    • Brewing time should be a maximum of 4 minutes, if not, you need coarser gound.

    • Serve and enjoy the delicious cup of coffee!

You can find all for V60 here. Don't forget on quality coffee.

You can find other coffee home brewing recipes here.

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