Vacuum Pot

Vacuum Pot is one of the oldest coffee brewing methods. Quite technical, but amazing to watch. The brew is strong and heavy.

You will need:

Vacuum Pot

6 grams of coffee for every 100 ml of the volume of your Vacuum Pot

95°C hot water.

Heat source (alcohol burner, gas burner)

  • Pour hot water into the bottom flask of the Vacuum Pot and place over a heat source.

  • Attach the upper cylinder with the filter. Wait until almost all the water rises into the upper container. Then reduce the heat source to a minimum.

  • Stir in the ground coffee into the water in the upper cylinder. Wait about a minute.

  • Remove the heat source completely and wait for the forming vacuum to suck the resulting beverage back into the bottom flask through the filter.

  • Carefully remove the top container and serve!

You can find all for Vacuum Pot here. Don't forget on quality coffee.

You can find other coffee home brewing recipes here.

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