Boheme Espresso

Boheme Espresso

La Boheme Cafe

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In the blending laboratories of La Boheme Cafe we were aspiring to create a blend that would simply suit anybody - astonishing by balance, sweetness and the aftertaste. Now, after years of experimenting with its composites and recipes it is safe to say that we've achieved our goal.

We believe that the composition of a good espresso blend is in fact the very same as of a musical piece - it has to be of balanced frequencies and dynamics. The high notes need to be laid down upon the low, bass ones, supported by full and round middles.

La Boheme Espresso Blend gives you a smooth and sweet espresso for every day. The exceptional balance brings milky chocolate, hazelnuts and almonds in the body, topped off with subtle tones of red fruits and beautiful floral aromatics.

This Direct Trade blend features Brazil for the bass as a sweet and heavy component, Guatemala and El Salvador for the middles as a light fruitiness and juiciness, and a tiny pinch of Ethiopia for the highs to shine through as an aroma of jasmine and honey.

It also works perfectly with steamed milk, so treat yourself to an espresso or cappuccino and enjoy this beautiful concerto!

Recommended preparation:
  • Brew Ratio: 1:1:25
  • Temperature: 92 C
  • Dose: 10g Single, 17,5g Double
  • Time: 27 sec. with 5 sec. pre-infusion

Tasting Notes

Espresso La Boheme has a very balanced, velvety, full-bodied espresso with tastes of milk chocolate and almonds with subtle notes of red stone fruits and a floral aroma.


  • Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Ethiopia
  • 2019
  • City+

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