Ways of delivery

Delivery method


0 - 2000 Kč


nad 2000 Kč

Personal pick-up Sázavská 32, Prague



Personal pick-up Vítkov, okr. Opava



Zásilkovna 49 Kč FREE


90 Kč



90 Kč


Czech Post - Mail package

130 Kč


Czech Post package to hand

140 Kč


Shipping capacity in the current situation

Dear customers, due to the current situation associated with the pre-Christmas period, carriers are more busy than usual. So we ask you for your patience - we try to send each shipment as soon as possible, but once it is in the hands of the carrier, we have no influence on it. Carriers, of course, try to deliver consignments as usual, but it may exceptionally happen that the Shipping Company and our other carriers will not deliver the consignment directly to your address, but to the nearest delivery point. If this happens, we will ask you for leniency, unfortunately we have no influence on this decision. If you would like more information about a shipment that is already on its way to you, contact the customer service of the carrier who delivers the shipment to you.

1. Via the Czech Post as a valuable parcel (1-6 days)

The Czech Post – via this courier service, it is possible to send goods up to the weight of 30 kg. You can choose out of two possibilities of transport via the Czech Post, i.e. either as a Parcel delivery to your hands or Parcel delivery to the post office.

If the goods are sent as a Parcel to your hands, the postal service will try to reach you on your delivery address. In case the addressee is not reached by the post, the goods are stored at the Czech Post’s branch in charge where you can pick it up during service hours within 7 working days. In this case, an announcement about the stowage should be sent both via SMS and e-mail; however, if you got the announcement about the sending of the delivery but this did not arrive, or you have not got any announcement either, respectively, write to info@labohemecafe.eu – we will be glad to let you know about where your parcel is stored.

In case you choose the option Parcel to the post office as the form of delivery, then the post office does not try to reach the addressee on his/her delivery address at all but you choose directly the branch of the Czech Post on which you would like to have your parcel stored for picking up. Again, the post office informs the customer about the stowage of the delivery via SMS and e-mail. This service is used by our customers e.g. if they order some presents and want to be sure that the present is not going to be accepted by the recipient himself/herself. If you got the announcement about the sending of the delivery but this did not arrive, or you have not got any announcement either, respectively, write to info@labohemecafe.eu – we will be glad to let you know about where your parcel is stored.

The price of the consignment to post without the cash on delivery is 110,- CZK incl. VAT.

The price of the consignment to hand without the cash on delivery is 125,- CZK incl. VAT.

The Czech Post’s cash on delivery (1-6 days)

The payment in the form of the cash on delivery is 30,- CZK, i.e. the total price of the consignment to post with the cash on delivery is 140,- CZK inc. VAT. Total price of the consignment to hand with the cash on delivery is 155,- CZK inc. VAT.

2. Via the delivery company DPD Private

DPD – This service transports internal consignments from 1 kg to 50 kg. The delivery via the service DPD Private has a lot of advantages:

  • delivery till the next working day
  • an assignment about the delivery of the consignment via SMS-message or e-mail one day before
  • an interactive SMS or e-mail with a 3-hour specification of the delivery time on the delivery day
  • the possibility of changing the delivery day by an answer via SMS or e-mail
  • in case of an unsuccessful delivery, the courier leaves an Assignment about an unsuccessful attempt at the delivery (this information will be sent to you via e-mail as well)
  • it is possible to change either the term or address of the next delivery via www.chcisvujbalik.cz
  • you can pay in cash or by credit card for the cash on delivery
  • more at www.dpdprivate.cz

The price of the consignment without the cash on delivery (payment in advance) is 150,- CZK inc. VAT.

Cash on delivery via the delivery company DPD

The payment in the form of the cash on delivery is 30,- CZK, i.e. the total price of the consignment with the cash on delivery is 180,- CZK inc. VAT.

3. Personal takeover in Vítkov, Czech Republic

You can also take over the ordered goods personally directly in our place of business in Vítkov (district Opava, Czech Republic). In this case, of course, no fee is charged for postage or cash on delivery. The address of the place of business: Midnight Roasters s.r.o. (Ltd.), Wolkerova 465, Vítkov, 749 01, Czech Republic. In case of a personal takeover, we will contact you as soon as the goods are prepared to be taken over.

4. Transport FREE OF CHARGE

We will deliver you an order exceeding the amount of 2.000,- CZK inc. VAT FREE OF CHARGE!(applies only for internal orders). The cash on delivery is not a part of the carriage, in case of an order of goods via cash on delivery exceeding 2.000,- CZK you will only pay a fee of 30,- CZK for the cash on delivery; you will not be charged for the carriage, being 125,- CZK.

International orders

We will be glad to send you the ordered goods abroad as well. It is not possible to send the consignments abroad via cash on delivery. We send the goods via the company PPL and the price for the carriage follows the valid price list of this company. To find out the price for the particular country, choose the appropriate country in the offering menu in the first step of the order – the postage will be displayed automatically.

Customer complaints of the e-shop La Boheme Cafe

These complaint rules have been compiled in accordance with the act No. 40/1964 Coll. of the Czech Civil Code and with the act No. 634/1992 Coll. On Customer Protection, all being in force and related to the goods bought in our e-shop. The name of the selling company is Midnight Roasters s.r.o. (Ltd.), company residence Petřínská 572, 150 00 Praha 5, CIN: 27378705, registered in the companies register of the Municipal Court in Prague (further in the text only as “the Seller”). At the moment at which the Purchaser accepts the delivery from the Seller, or from another delivery company or by post, he/she agrees with these complaint rules.


The warranty applies for the product defects being detected within the warranty period of the purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only, which means defects (quality change) caused by the use of improper or low quality material, misuse of technology or improper technology, or improper construction solution, respectively. The warranty is invalidated if the defect (quality change) is caused by misuse, neglect, tampering, incorrect adjustment on the part of the purchaser or another person, or if they occur as a consequence of natural material fatigue the goods are made of. The liability for the defects is limited to the extent of warranty period.


The warranty period covers 24 months starting with the date of accepting delivery by the Purchaser, the complaint procedure being excluded from the warranty period. If the goods have been replaced for new ones, the warranty period is valid since the date of accepting the new goods. The same applies to the replacement of components being under the warranty. The warranty period is not to be mistaken for the lifetime period, i.e. the period which is guaranteed when used and treated properly according to its properties, the given purpose and the difference in the intensity of its use.


If the purchase contract is concluded by means of distance communication (in the e-shop), the Buying consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after taking over the goods according to § 53, para. 7 of the Czech Civil Code. In this case, the Consumer contacts the seller and, preferably in a written form, states that he is withdrawing from the contract, stating the order number, purchase date and the number of the account for money refunding.

If the customer decides this way, he has to send the undamaged goods, without any sign of use or wearing, in the original packaging back within the mentioned period (delivery date being binding). Send the goods as a parcel, NOT via cash on delivery. After receiving the goods returned this way, the price of the goods will be refunded to the customer in a way specified by mutual consent.


If the product during the takeover by the purchaser is not in accordance with the purchase contract (further only “contradiction to the purchase contract“), the purchaser has the right for a free and immediate to set the product to a state corresponding to the purchase order, namely according to the purchaser’s request by change of the product; if such a procedure is not possible, the purchaser may apply for an adequate discount or withdraw from the contract. This is not valid if the purchaser had known about the contradiction before taking over the product or if he/she had caused the contradiction to the purchase contract himself/herself. A contradiction to the purchase contract proving itself within six month after the day of taking over the product is considered a contradiction existing already during the takeover unless it contradicts the nature of the product or the opposite is proven.


Before being shipped, our goods are thoroughly checked to make us sure that everything is all right. In case of receiving the damaged goods (especially accessories), the item was damaged during shipping. In such a case do not send back goods immediately and contact us first.

In case of DPD delivery, you will be contacted by the driver to report a claim and the goods will be replaced for a new one. If you send back the goods directly to our company, we are not able to raise a claim against the shipping company.

In case of delivery by the Czech Post, the procedure is as follows: With the delivery (in the original packaging), contact any post office and raise a claim for the damaged delivery which has been noticed after delivering. At the post office, you will fill out a claim report. Upon consent with the Seller, you can transfer the refund to the consignor. In that case it must be signed and approved by post office. Having transferred the refund to us, we will raise a claim against the Czech Post on our own and you will receive new goods.


The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part if the ordered coffee and other goods are not available. As we sell coffee mostly from the micro-lots which produce only a certain amount of coffee during the harvest, and its quality may differ significantly, we cannot guarantee a steady availability of all kinds of coffee.

If such a situation occurs, the seller will immediately contact the purchaser for the purpose of an agreement on a further procedure. If the purchaser has already paid a part of or the whole sum of the purchase price, the sum will be refunded to him/her in a way specified by mutual consent. The seller has also the right to cancel the order if the customer fills out incorrect or incomplete contact data.


The Seller is the place where to exercise the complaint. To have it done properly, the complaint is to be made without delay, immediately after detecting defective parts. Furthermore, the Purchaser is obliged to specify the defects and to state the principles of rights and responsibilities which are going to be exercised. As soon as any right is applied, e.g. the right to have the goods replaced or to require an adequate price discount, for the Purchaser, if not agreed in a different way with the Seller, it has binding force without any chance to change the exercised rights. The Purchaser is required to prove his rightfulness of the complaint, namely the place and the date of purchase. When delivered by a shipping company, a copy of receipts should be sent. The complaint is valid providing that the claimed goods are in the original state including the relevant documents. As for sending the claimed goods, the goods should be complete and appropriately wrapped – preferably in the original packaging. The Seller is not obliged to accept the claimed goods unless they are appropriately wrapped including all the components and accessories. The claimed goods are to be accepted only if cleaned, dried and in sanitary conditions generally accepted. To handle complaints efficiently, we ask the Purchaser to label the delivery containing the claimed goods and the above given documents with a sign “COMPLAINT – e-shop” and to give necessary contact details, especially the address and the phone number. The Seller will not accept any unrequested delivery sent via cash on delivery or at the expense of the Seller! Only in case of a rightful claim, the shipping costs will be covered.


The Seller is obliged to handle the complaint, including repairs, without delay and within the period of 30 days at the most unless changed by mutual consent. If the deadline will not be met, the Purchaser has the same rights as in the case of un-repairable defects.


Repairable defects shall consist of those defects of repair without affecting serviceability, or without leaving undesirable latent effects and in due time, being 30 days unless changed by mutual consent. It is the Seller who shall inspect and judge defects.

Without delay and free of charge, the Seller is obliged to fix the goods referring to the conditions stated in the contact, and according to the customer requirements. The claimed goods shall be properly repaired in due time. If corresponding to the nature of the defects, the Purchaser may ask for a new good, or, if the defect concerns only a component, he may ask for a new component. If none of the procedures are possible, the purchaser may apply for an adequate discount or withdraw from the contract.


Un-repairable defects shall consist of those defects which cannot be repaired or which were not repaired within the given period of 30 days (unless changed by mutual consent).

In case of an un-repairable defect, preventing the goods of being used properly as goods without defects, the Purchaser may ask for new goods without defects, or is entitled to withdraw from a sales contract.

Also if the defects are repairable but do limit the use of the goods after being repaired, or if there are more repairable defects, the Purchaser is entitled to ask for the new goods or to withdraw from the sales contract. The repeating defects shall consist of those defects which are the same and which had been repaired at least twice and occur again within the warranty period. The numerous occurrences of repairable defects mean that there are at least three repairable defects.

If the nature of the un-repairable defects do not limit the use of the goods (e.g. aesthetic defects) and the Purchaser does not require the goods to be replaced, he/she may request an adequate discount from the purchase price or is entitled to withdraw from a sales contract. The discount from a purchase price will be estimated according to the defect, the previous use of the goods, the duration of the use and according to the possibility of the next use.