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BIO Colombia La Pradera Tabi

La Pradera Farm was founded by Héctor Daza in 1971. Today the farm is run by the third and fourth generation of the family, headed by Héctor's grandson Oscar Daza. Their quality and success are a reflection of the years of experience and values that the family puts into coffee production.

Héctor Daza originally started to transform the family farm into a 'coffee paradise' by planting various trees and fruit trees to provide shade for the different varieties of coffee he was going to produce. Oscar Daza, a third-generation farmer, is now taking over the management of the company and intends to continue to focus on sustainable land use through organic practices, with all due respect to the farm and nature.

This organic Tabi variety coffee has undergone an anaerobic process combined with the honey method. The coffee cherries were first anaerobically fermented whole for 24 hours in stainless steel tanks, and after crushing they underwent another 18-hour anaerobic fermentation in mucilage. Processing was continued by drying in three slow stages to preserve the intensity and quality of the flavours.

Flavour profile

raspberries / tangerines / almonds




Region Santander
Location Aratoca - Chicamocha canyon
Farm La Pradera
Farmer Oscar Daza
Variety Tabi
1800 m a.s.l.
Harvest 2021
Anaerobic Honey