Buzira Sehe Honey

299 Kč

As one of the smallest countries in East Africa, Burundi has all the elements of a young nation with ancient traditions that make up its very rich culture. Rather than for its beauty, it is known as a dangerous country with a wild natural landscape. The area has ideal conditions for growing Arabica Bourbon coffee, aided by heavy rains and altitudes ranging from 1,500 m to 2,100 m.

This coffee comes from the Buzira washing station that has about 2,000 coffee trees and involves 30 producer associations, representing some 3,000 farmers. The varieties produced here are mainly Bourbon, Jackson and Mbirizi.

Flavour profile

forrest fruit / / malt / brown sugar




LocationVarious Small Farmers
FarmerSalum Ramadhan
VarietyRed Bourbon
Soil type Clay
Elevation                   1950 
ProcessingHoney Process

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