Burundi - Kazibaziba - Cup of Excellence Winner #5

359 Kč

In 2013 local coffee farmers with the help of the local communty came together to form a washing station on Kazibaziba Hill and a cooperative of
farmers within the surrounding local area to help meet the growing demand of their coffee sought after by buyers.

Currently the Duhorerabarimyi
cooperative counts 208 active members and another 860 nonmember coffee farmers who are positively effected by the washing station by the ability
to deliver their coffee cherries to the washing station to be processed. This is the 3rd time this cooperative have won a CoE Competition which they
are incredibly proud of. In 2017 the Duhorerabarimyi Cooperative got Fairtrade certified

Flavour profile

tangerine/ fruit jam/ kiwi


RegionKayanza Province
FarmerVarious small lot farmers
Altitude                   1750 m a.s.l.

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