Colombia La Piragua CoE #22

Farmer Alexander Vargas Osorio

Alexander Vargas Osorio started working with coffee at a very young age. A fellow coffee grower from nearby El Mirador took him in and gave him the opportunity to learn how to grow and process coffee. Around 2000, he decided to start growing coffee on his own. He found a piece of land on which only a few weeds grew, cleaned it thoroughly and planted the first coffee trees. It's not exactly common to see young farms built relatively recently from scratch like these.

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Taste the award-winning coffee with bright and clean acidity and almond, caramel and nutmeg notes.

Crop diversification

Alexander and his wife, Lidia, work together. Alexander does most of the harvesting, while the two of them handle the fermentation and drying process. Over the years, Alexander has improved and expanded the coffee drying area to help maintain the quality and consistency of his products, as reflected in the Cup of Excellence competition results.