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El Salvador El Limo

The family of farmer José Enrique Gutierrez used to grow coffee in the eastern region of El Salvador, but the civil war in the 1980s forced them to leave the country and coffee farming with them. However, José's passion for coffee led him to continue the family tradition and in 2007 he bought his first farm in the western part of El Salvador in the beautiful Apaneca-Ilamatepec region.

José is dedicated to producing high quality coffee in a sustainable way and is able to combine traditional farming practices with his own ideas for more environmentally friendly methods. He has passed on this knowledge and emphasis on innovation to a second generation of farmers who use it to produce high quality specialty coffees. His consistency and commitment have earned him a steady profit, which has allowed him to expand his land and purchase additional farms thanks to the quality of his production. Today, his farms, San Jose, El Limo, Las Brisas, El Horno and Los Cocos, are all dedicated to the production of specialty coffee.

A sweet and complex coffee with a creamy body and flavours of milk chocolate, nectarines and tropical fruits. Perfect for both filter coffee and espresso.

Taste Profile:

milk chocolate / nectarine / passionfruit


Country: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca-Ilamatepec
Farm: El Limo
Farmer: Jose Enrique Gutierrez
Cultivar: San Pancho (Caturra x San Bernardo)
Altitude: 1200 m a.s.l.
Processing: Anaerobic Natural (72hr Fermentation)
Harvest: 2021