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El Salvador Villa Galicia

We have been working with Maricio for several years and we are very honored to have had him visit us previously in our cafe for several cuppings and talks. 

Mauricio invests heavily in environmentally friendly coffee processing in Villa Galicia, where his plantations are located and where he processes his whole crop. This naturally processed bourbon coffee is dried on African beds so the coffee dries more equally leading to a cleaner more even taste. It is then dehulled using rainwater as a source of power. He puts his expertise as well as time and energy into providing a wide range of coffee varieties and processes managing to win 7th place at the 2015 cup of excellence competition.

Flavour profile

milk chocolate / vanilla / blood orange


Country El Salvador
Region Apaneca
Farm Finca Villa Galicia
Farmer Mauricio Salaverria
Cultivar Bourbon
Soil Volcanic
Altitude 1600 m a.s.l.
Processing Natural
Harvest 2022