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Ethiopia - Rumudamo - Cup Of Excellence Winner #2

This coffee from the Cup of Excellence program brings you a unique opportunity to taste coffee in class over anything we have ever had before. When we cupped a sample of this coffee, it absolutely enchanted us with its explosive fruitiness, distinct juiciness and overall complexity of taste. We knew we wanted this coffee. After a five-hour auction and more than four thousand bids, the price finally stopped at $ 108 per pound of green coffee.

Variety 74110 was selected from the original "mother tree" in the village of Bishari in the province of Metu in the Illuababora zone of the Oromia region. After examining its resistance to coffee berry diseases and overall yield, JARC released the variety in 1979. Coffee trees of the 74110 variety are low and compact with small leaves, smaller cherries and beans. This variety has lower yields, but when properly grown, it can produce coffee of excellent quality.

This unique and exceptional coffee deserves special treatment. We roast this super limited coffee in small batches, and then we vacuum pack it in 20 g increments so that the highest possible quality is maintained. We also offer this coffee ground for V60, Chemex and French press, but it will taste best freshly ground just before preparation.

We also offer this coffee in a 226 g package.

Flavour profile

candied orange / white peach / jasmine


RegionSidama Province
FarmerBogale Woldehana
Cultivar74110 varietal
Altitude                   2200 - 2500 m a.s.l.