Ethiopia Bombe Washed

Quality from the heart of the Sidama region

Bombe coffee comes from the Sidama region, where Ato Dukale manages several washing and drying stations. The station where this coffee is processed is located in the village of Bombe, which is 2000 meters above sea level and provides ideal conditions for cultivation. At this station, coffee cherries from private farmers from the surrounding villages are carefully processed.

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You can look forward to a full-bodied taste of ripe peaches with a floral softness of jasmine and hints of red currant.

Business success of Ato Dukale

Today, Ato Dukale owns approximately 16 washing stations, where it processes coffee using both the classic washed and dry method, as well as dry anaerobic fermentation, which has produced excellent results. Although Ato Dukale was born into a family of coffee farmers, he traded sugar cane in his youth. Only later did he start collecting coffee from nearby producers and processing it. It now also owns stations in Sidama, Gedeo and West Guji areas. In addition to coffee, it operates in hospitality and tourism.