Etiopie - Buku Abel


The Tabe Burka washing and drying station is located near the town of Suke Waraqata, in the Guji appellation.

The coffee is collected from farmers working on land located within a radius of 10 to 20 km from the station. Coffee is produced in orchards, in polyculture systems which allow farmers to mix food crops and coffee trees on their plots. The enset (false banana trees) occupies an important place in these agrarian systems. The enset also has the distinction of retaining water in its trunk for many months. Its presence in the middle of coffee trees provides constant humidity to the entire plot and promotes drought resistance to the surrounding coffee trees.

This coffee is currently overseen by Tadesse Edema. Tadesse's father, like his grandfather before him, was already involved in the coffee trade. Tadesse has 29 brothers who, like him, grew up in coffee and all remained deeply attached to the coffee tradition.

Tasting Notes

Jasmine / Rose / Raspberry