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Colombia El Paraíso - Cup of Excellence Winner #3

Producer John represents the third generation of coffee growers and took over the family tradition ten years ago. During this time he has focused on experimenting with different varieties and processing methods.

John has a certain passion for continuous improvement in coffee processing, especially when at the end of the day he sees the results of hard work that also positively impacts the lives of his co-workers during a pandemic that has brought with it some challenges.

After placing 3rd in the Cup of Excellence competition, he now has even higher goals in improving his processes and wants to push his coffees in global markets.

Flavour profile

peach / bergamot / caramel / cocoa


Country Colombia
Region Nariño
Location Buesaco
Farm El Paraíso
Farmer John Gomez
Variety Geisha
Altitude 1669 m a.s.l.
Processing Washed
Harvest 2020
Cupping score 89.25