Rwanda - Gitega Hills

239 Kč

The Gitega Hills washing station was constructed by a native pharmacist, Bernard Uwitije, in 2015 in the Nyamagabe District. Volcanoes provide nutritional soils blessing the whole area with verdant slopes. The station is supplied by around 1,200 farmers from Gitega, Karama, Nyanza and Ngara, being supervised by two field professionals helping them to implement the best agricultural practices throughout the year. Bernard Uwitije also offers some benefits to his partner farmers, such as health insurance, loans, organic fertilizer coming from the compost of coffee cherries and seeds for planting pineapples. 

Flavour Profile

pineapple / dark berries / red apple 


Country Rwanda
Region Southern Province
Location Nyamagabe
Washing Station
Gitega Hills
Farmer Various Small Lot Farmers
Cultivar Bourbon
Soil type Volcanic
Elevation 1700 m n. m.
Processing Natural
Harvest April - June

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