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Guatemala Encuentros

Finca La Bolsa is no ordinary coffee farm, it is a big coffee family with quite a long history! It is also one of our longest partnerships - Charles first met the current owner Renardo Ovalle Vides, or simply Nayo, back in 2014.

It was his grandfather, a talented doctor and entrepreneur, who started the farm in 1958 more as a hobby. Now, his mission is being fulfilled by third-generation producers who place a strong emphasis on environmentally sustainable practices and actively prioritize the protection of ecosystems through wildlife conservation, efficient water use and avoiding deforestation.

The Vides family is one of Guatemala's best known producers and has built this reputation through numerous Cup of Excellence placements. Renard's wife also is well known due to her refined sensory skills as a Q-Grader which help define the profiles and characteristics of each coffee from their farms. Renardo himself has a passion for coffee production that is shared by his staff, which can be felt in every cup made from their coffee.

This coffee is called Encuentros because it comes from an isolated plot that is in the process of converting to organic farming. This plot is located where all the other plots on the farm meet. This is where the name Encuentros comes from, which means "meeting" in Spanish. This is a silky smooth coffee with notes of milk chocolate, plums and juicy cherries. Thanks to its lower acidity, it is also perfect for making espresso.

Tasting Notes

milk chocolate / plums / cherry

Country Guatemala
Region Huehuetenango
Location La Libertad
Farm Finca La Bolsa
Producer Renardo Ovalle Vides
Cultivar Red Caturra
Altitude 1 800 m n. m.
Processing Washed
Harvest 2022