Guatemala Jacquelines´s 89


La Boheme Cafe has been working with this family farm since 2014, when Charles met Renard “Nayo” Ovalle Vides visiting his picturesque fields in the Huehuetenango area of ​​Guatemala.

This nano lot, also known as Jacqueline's 90, was grown on the Las Terrazas farm, which along with others is owned by Renardo Ovalle Vides. His family is one of Guatemala's most famous in the world of fine coffee - a reputation they have built through numerous Cup of Excellence placements and renown among the world's leading roasters.

The name of this lot comes from Renard's wife, who also awarded him the score in question and still uses her refined sensory and Q-Grade training to help define the profiles and characteristics of each coffee from their farms. Renardo himself has a passion for coffee production that is shared by his staff, which can be felt in every cup of the beverage made from their beans.