Guatemala Piedra Azul

Finca La Bolsa, our heart's desire

It was 2014, and Charles, the founder of La Bohème Café, met farmer Renard Ovalle while visiting the picturesque fields of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This farm, which is a large coffee family, is our longest collaboration and has been going on for 9 years. Finca La Bolsa is a shining example of what we value about long-term collaboration with our partners. Family tradition, unique coffees and respect for the local nature and community are aspects of why we have a long-standing friendship with Renardo Ovalle Vides, nicknamed Nayo.

The story of the farm begins with Renard's grandfather, a talented doctor and entrepreneur who took up coffee farming as a hobby. Soon coffee growing became his passion; he also started a school on the farm that is still operating today and was awarded the "Distinguished Coffee Grower" by the National Coffee Association. His grandson continues in his footsteps, emphasizing environmentally sustainable practices such as wildlife conservation, efficient water use and avoiding deforestation.

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Piedra Azul coffee from La Bolsa Farm's premium nano-lot combines the sweet, balanced taste of ripe raspberries, sweet red apples and subtle caramel notes.

Family Vides, with a passion for coffee and nature

The coffee family, one of Guatemala's most famous producers, has an illustrious reputation among the world's leading roasters. The farm has become world-renowned for its numerous placements in the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition. Renard's wife, Jacqueline, is known for her refined sensory skills as a Q-Grader. The farm's employees share a love of coffee, which can be seen in every cup of their coffee.

Piedra Azul is a premium nano-lot located in the Huehuetenango region, the western part of Guatemala's countryside, on the border with Mexico. Piedra Azul, meaning blue stones, is named after the blue rocks in the river near the coffee plot. The altitude, the diverse microclimate, the organic practices and the soil quality are why this coffee is known for its sparkling clarity and fresh acidity. We can't get enough of the coffees from La Bolsa Farm and are excited to introduce our new addition to the coffee family.