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Hario V60 Drip Decanter (VDD-02B)

Dripper carafe Hario V60 VDD-02B:

This great product allows you to brew coffee directly into the serving container using a drip method. Easy to use and also compatible with the 02 V60 dripper. Grind the coffee beans, brew the coffee, and after removing the carafe for serving, remove the top of the V60. The Hario V60 drip coffee carafe comes with a plastic free-standing dripper filter with classic spiral fins. Also included is a washable, heat-resistant silicone rubber band for added grip and heat protection.

The V60 drip carafe is extremely durable and lightweight. High-quality borosilicate glass ensures easy dripping after brewing coffee. The V60 drip carafe also includes 10 sheets of paper filters 02, so you can prepare ground coffee by hand right away.

How to brew with the V60 Dripper Carafe:

Start by heating the glass and inserting the filter into the cone. Add medium ground coffee and swirl in some hot water, preferably using a Buono kettle for more control. After 3 minutes, you will be able to enjoy delicious hand-brewed coffee. Hario's V60 carafe holds up to 700ml of coffee, perfect for two people to enjoy a crisp coffee.

The Hario Dripper carafe contains:

1x heat-resistant decanter VDD-02B
1x plastic dripper
Silicone rubber band
Volume 700 ml
40 sheets of filter papers 02
Suitable for the dishwasher
Borosilicate glass
Easy to clean