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Colombia Askafe - Decaf

Ascafe decaffeinated coffee is our single origin decaffeinated coffee made specifically for espresso. This unique coffee is decaffeinated using natural sugar cane extract. Expect a creamy body and notes of walnuts, red fruits and dark chocolate. 

Sugarcane is a widely grown crop in Colombia, so it makes economic sense for farmers to use it for the decaffeination process as well. Ascafe operates throughout Colombia, helping to develop communities and the next generation of young coffee farmers.

Expect a creamy body and notes of walnuts and red berries.

Flavour profile

walnut / orange / cocoa / stone fruit


Country Colombia
Region Cauca
Farmer ASCAFE Association
Altitude 1650 -1950 m a.s.l.
Processing Washed
Process decaffeination Natural sugar cane extract