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Costa Rica Sonora Cascara

The Guardia family has been successfully growing coffee on their farm for more than fifty years. The 100 hectare farm is located on the slopes of the Poás volcano in the central valley of Costa Rica, where the jungle is untouched. The coffee trees are grown under the shade of the trees, which provide plenty of nutrients from the falling leaves while protecting them from direct sunlight. This offers the ideal microclimate for growing quality microlots.

Sustainability is essential to the Guardia family, which is why the farm's energy is generated from renewable sources using a Pelton turbine powered by water.

So what is Cascara de Café? Cascara means "husk" in Spanish and is therefore coffee husks that are carefully dried in the sun while being constantly raked. Cascara is then prepared like tea by steeping and is characterised by intense flavour notes of hibiscus, cranberries and honey. It has a naturally sweet taste and a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins B2 and E.

Taste Profile

Sweet Hibiscus / Cranberries / Honey



Costa Rica

Region Central Valley
Location Alajuela
Diego Guardia
Farm Sonora
Variety Bourbon
Elevation 1300 m a.s.l