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Moccamaster KBG Select Limited Edition

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Available in multiple colors!

    KBG Select: Traditional coffee dripper

    • perfect extraction temperature 92 - 96 °C - less acidity and bitterness
    • automatic shutdown after completion of drip
    • heating plate with dual switch keeps coffee at 80-85°C for 40 minutes
    • drip basket with so-called "drip-stop"
    • extra fire protection - heater and heating element work independently
    • 1.25 l in 6 minutes
    • stainless steel shower with 9 holes for optimal wetting of ground coffee

    Moccamaster qualities

    • high quality, recyclable materials, BPA free
    • handcrafted in the Netherlands under strict quality control
    • high durability
    • SCA & ECBC certification
    • solid aluminum construction
    • detachable parts for easy cleaning and replacement