Guatemala - Finca Plan de la Vega - Cup of Excellence Winner #12

319 Kč

Plan de la Vega farm was founded in 1953, when Mrs. María Figueroa de Argueta obtained the lands from the Chiantla municipality. Then, the cultivation of typical varieties, Bourbon and Caturra, began there. In 1977, Erwin Modesto Argueta Figueroa inherited the farm and managed to entirely cultivate it with varieties such as Caturra and Red Pache. As of now, the farm is managed by the third generation of the family, training its personnel in terms of quality and productivity with the commitment to be friendly to the environment. This effort gets constantly proven year by year with their coffees winning high ranks in Cup of Excellence competitions and being the International finalists in 2014.

Flavour profile

mango/ bergamot/ cherry/ green tea


LocationLa Esperanza
FarmPlan de la Vega
FarmerArgueta Herrera, Erwin Humberto
Soil type 
Clay/ Loam
Elevation1 200 - 1 500 m a.s.l.
Processing Washed
HarvestDecember - March 

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