Serigaluh Mutiara Honey

299 Kč

With over 300 years of coffee history, the Dutch East India Company left its mark with its first plantation in Indonesia. They began solely with the Typica cultivar. In the high altitudes of the Puntang forest, we found a Typica cultivar possibly originating from the first coffee plants grown by the Dutch. After the leaves and cherries were analysed, it was confirmed that we had found one of the purest cultivars found outside Ethiopia. Serigaluh, which means “The Prince“ is the name given to two lots of Typica coffee, which genetically speaking are seen as the purest coffees. This microlot is also unofficially known as Mutiara Sari Tanah Sunda, which means “The Pearl of Sunda“.

Flavour profile

honey / apricot / caramel / black tea


FarmerVarious Small Lot Farmers
Soil typeVolcanic
Elevation.             1600 - 1800 m a.s.l.
ProcessingHoney Process
HarvestApril - July 

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