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Urnex Cleancaf (3 x 9.3g)

Cleancaf is a cleaning agent that removes the remains of coffee oils and other impurities that gradually settle in your coffee machine and can cause unwanted bitterness in the prepared coffee. Using Cleancaf is as simple as preparing a regular cup of coffee.

The blue dye used in Cleancaf is used to visually verify that your equipment has been thoroughly rinsed by the cleaner, thus ensuring a simple yet safe cleaning process. Cleancaf is the only home coffee equipment cleaner that is certified organic, meeting all standards of the National Organic Program under the auspices of the US Department of Agriculture.

You can also use Cleancaf to clean any coffee accessories, such as thermos mugs, metal filters, etc. Each box contains 3 bags of cleaning powder (3 x 9.3 g).