Special Edition Set of Ethiopian Coffees

This week we celebrate International Africa Day and we want to take you on a journey to Ethiopia!

We have prepared a coffee set for you where, even though both selection coffees are from the same cooperatives, each has been processed by a different method and you have the opportunity to explore their taste and try the difference. Each coffee is roasted with its flavor notes in mind, and it's up to you to decide which is your favorite.

2x 226g packs of select coffee beans

Usually shipped within 1-3 business days

Ethiopia Bombe

The Bombe Station is located in the Sidama Region, where farmer Ato Dukale processes coffee using both the classic washed and dry method, as well as dry anaerobic fermentation, which produces excellent results. The village of Bombe is located 2000 meters above sea level and provides ideal conditions for cultivation. Coffee cherries from private farmers from nearby villages are also processed at this station.

The Story of Coffee from Ethiopia and Rwanda

Africa is considered the cradle of coffee, especially Ethiopia and Rwanda. These countries have a rich history, culture, friendly inhabitants, breathtaking nature and, above all, the unmistakable taste of coffee. It is also a place that enchanted us and where the La Bohème team likes to return on their travels in search of new coffees.