Let It Snow

295 Kč

A new winter mix "Let it Snow" has been created in La Boheme Cafe, which helps to create the atmosphere of romantic days of this magical period. The full taste of fruits such as plums or caramelized apples, light tones of Christmas spices, cinnamon and the long aftertaste of quality dark chocolate create a combination that calls for warm socks and lounging by the fireplace.

We prefer to drink this espresso clean as it is, but it is also great mixed with milk, with which it creates a perfect creamy cappuccino with tones of fruit and spices. Let it Snow is the perfect espresso blend for the winter season!

Recommended preparation

  • Temperature: 92.5 C
  • Dose: 10g Single, 18g Double
  • Time: 28 sec. with 5 sec. pre-infusion

Tasting Notes

apples in caramel, plums, dark chocolate

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