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Přemýšleli jste někdy o tom, proč Den Svatého Valentýna vůbec existuje? Jeho příběh vzniku je velmi zajímavý. Zahrnuje násilí, mučedníka, romantiku a období páření ptáků.
Chai is a popular drink not only in India but also all over the world, and its history goes back thousands of years. On 21 September, we celebrate International Chai Day, the perfect opportunity to prepare a blend of spices and black tea to give you energy and improve your mood. Join us as we explore its fascinating history and discover sweet chai recipes.
If you are a tea biscuit lover like us, then be sure to try our recipe for traditional snickerdoodles with the addition of spicy chai to give them a new and exciting taste.
We all love a good cup of tea with a slice of pumpkin pie in autumn, but what if you could incorporate the spicy goodness of chai tea right into the pie itself?
Brighten up your Indian summer with this vibrant variation on the classic Cosmopolitan, using our popular cranberry autumn tea. We've turned our popular tea into a cocktail that will get you in the right autumn mood.
In today's hectic times, when we are looking for ways to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation, tea is becoming a favourite companion for many of us. For some, however, the caffeine found in traditional tea can be a problem. Fortunately, alternatives, such as decaffeinated teas, allow you to enjoy the taste of tea without the hassle of falling asleep. Get inspired to enjoy long summer evenings with our range of teas.

Legend has it that one day the Chinese emperor was cleaning the water under a tea tree when tea leaves fell into his teapot. Curious, the emperor decided to taste the water and was amazed by the refreshing taste. And our beloved tea was born! And what goes best with tea? Lemon, of course! Lemon and other citrus fruits are full of vitamins and antioxidants that brighten the taste of your tea and give your body an extra dose of vitamin C and antioxidants. So try our lemon teas and treat yourself to a delicious and healthy experience.

The beginning of summer is a symbol of warmth, trips to nature, holidays and summer barbecues. Even though many of us do not indulge in our favorite cup of tea, the hot summer is the perfect opportunity for a refreshing iced tea.
We can also celebrate Earth Day by using tin cans of Harney teas to organize our household or as a nice gift for our family and friends.
Summer is coming in leaps and bounds! Make the wait for sunny days a little more pleasant with herbal teas that contain blends of herbs, flowers, spices or dried fruits. Have you overdone it with dinner, and your stomach hurts? Stressed by a busy work period and can't sleep at night? Different herbal blends have been created for different purposes, such as providing energy, relaxation, calming before falling asleep or relieving pain. Get inspired on how to choose the right blend for you.