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About Coffee

Od sběraček a pěstitelek až po baristky a pražičky. Ženy se podílejí na všech fázích dodavatelského řetězce kávy. Jejich role je nepostradatelná, přesto však stále čelí výzvám a nerovnostem, které brání jejich potenciálu, blahobytu a rozvoji. Jakým největším výzvám čelí ženy v kávovém průmyslu? A jak se my v La Bohème Café snažíme tyto kávové hrdinky podporovat?

At La Bohème Café, we have strict criteria for selecting partners. And the La Bolsa farm is the best example of this. Our paths crossed in 2014, when Charles first met the current owner, Renardo Ovalle Vides. Family tradition, exceptional quality, respect for nature and a strong community were exactly the aspects why we started the collaboration. What makes this farm unique? And what did our QC Jake have to go through to get a look there?
Cold Brew is a coffee preparation method in which the coffee is slowly steeped in cold water for several hours. The resulting drink is characterized by low acidity and high sweetness.
The Vacuum Pot looks a bit industrial and can create a completely magical experience from preparing coffee at home. Don't you believe? Try it out!

If you don't allow yourself to have a proper espresso, a moka pot can be the ideal option for you to prepare coffee at home, which is the closest in taste to espresso.

You will need:

  • Moka teapot
  • Water at a temperature of 95°C
  • Finely ground coffee.
  • A bowl of cold water
  • Pour hot water up to the level of the safety valve into the bottom container of the moka pot
  • Insert the coffee filter and fill it up to the brim with ground coffee.
  • Then screw the top part of the kettle on and place it on a hot plate or other source of heat with the lid open.
  • Once the coffee begins to flow slowly into the upper container, count to 30 and immerse the moka pot in cold water to stop the extraction.
  • Enjoy coffee with a strong taste!
Kalita comes from Japan, it is quite similar to V60 , but unlike V60, the resulting drink is fuller, although a little less pure in taste.
Did you know that the French press is one of the oldest ways to prepare coffee? And also one of the easiest ever
Let's start lightly, with probably the most common home coffee preparation. V60 comes from Japan, so you can enjoy a beautifully clear and sparkling drink.
AeroPress is a relatively new coffee maker. It is light, compact and almost unbreakable, making it ideal for travel. 
The Chemex is a beautiful design device for preparing coffee at home, which will come in handy if you want to invite someone over for coffee.
Our baristas have decided to share their know-how with you and put together recipes for the most common homemade coffee preparations.

The Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious competition and award for coffee growers who have diligently produced coffee of truly unique quality. For the winning farmer, this competition brings not only financial security, as the coffee is sold in global online auctions at premium prices, but also prestige for his farm and the producing region.