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Cold Brew - home coffee preparation

Cold Brew is a coffee preparation method in which the coffee is slowly steeped in cold water for several hours. The resulting drink is characterized by low acidity and high sweetness. We bet it will become your best friend especially during the summer months.

For preparation you will need:

  • 60 g of coarsely ground coffee
  • 1000 ml of cold water
  • Cold brew container
  • Cotton filter (optional)
  • Pour ground coffee into a container and cover with cold water.
  • Place in the refrigerator and wait 6 - 12 hours, depending on the desired intensity.
  • Remove the container from the refrigerator and remove the coffee filter, or drain the grounds.
  • Serve ideally over ice.
  • Enjoy a refreshing and sweet coffee drink!

You can also prepare a concentrate from a double dose of coffee for subsequent dilution.

Everything you need to prepare Cold Brew can be found here . Don't forget about quality coffee .

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