Ethiopia Bombe Anaerobic

Farmer Ato Dukale

Ato Dukale is a farmer who also manages several washing and drying stations in the Sidama region. This lot comes from the station in the village of the same name, which is located at an altitude of 1950 m in a beautiful environment with ideal conditions for cultivation.

Although Ato Dukale was born into a family of coffee farmers, he started trading sugar cane at an early age. Only later did he start collecting coffee from nearby producers and processing it. Today, it owns approximately 16 washing stations, where it processes coffee using both the classic washed and dry method, as well as dry anaerobic fermentation, which has produced unique results.

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A cup full of exotic fruit awaits you with tropical acidity, pineapple flavor and notes of raspberries and blueberries.

Sidama region

Coffee cultivation in the Sidama region has a long tradition and is incorporated into a polyculture system that allows farmers to diversify their income and ensure the harvest of food crops. The coffee is collected from various small growers in the surrounding villages and then processed in one washing station.