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We are a team of enthusiasts who have decided to dedicate our lives to coffee. We seek out exceptional coffees from around the world, roasting them with love and care to offer you a quality cup full of variety, with all the respect for those who were at its very birth.

Our Mission

We love great coffee and we know you do too. Every bean has a story, and we love sharing those stories with you and giving you access to the impeccable quality and unlimited flavours that the world of fine coffees has to offer.
With direct sourcing, where we are in direct contact with the producers, we can guarantee that all coffee is purchased ethically and fairly. When selecting our business partners, we always look at factors such as adequate wages and respectful treatment of farm workers, sustainability and environmental protection in the growing and processing of coffee.
That's what makes us special - a relentless obsession for discovery, perfection and the desire for the perfect cup of coffee that we share with you.

It all started 15 years ago when, in my daily ritual of making my morning coffee, I realised that the world's standard of coffee quality was actually terribly poor. Due to my deep-rooted passion for coffee and love of travel, I almost immediately decided to embark on a quest for better coffee. 

Having spent years traveling to the origins of coffee, from Africa to Central and South America, I quickly understood what makes up quality coffee, how the system works and how it varies from origin to origin, and how my efforts as a coffee roaster in the Czech Republic can make a significant contribution to the livelihoods of farmers, their communities and the environment in which their farm is located. And so began my criteria of building socially responsible, charitable and sustainable relationships with coffee growers who are dedicated to what I call "excellent coffee".

That's why I'm very lucky to be able to offer you one of the best coffees in the world. This good fortune can only be attributed to the dedication and passion of our partner farmers, my amazing team of coffee gurus in the Czech Republic and you, our customers, who share our passion for the finest sustainable coffee. Together, we not only enjoy what we love and what makes our day, but with every sip we can enjoy knowing that we are working to improve the livelihoods of farmers and the environment they live in.

Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart, Charles