Why La Boheme Cafe is your perfect Wholesale Partner?

We at La Boheme Cafe take a vertically integrated approach to our wholesale program from the source to the cup. We offer unrivaled quality products and a comprehensive customer service. We are a turn-key solution provider offering consultation for start ups, identification and evaluation of real estate options, integrations of proven techniques and concepts and a quality control program to ensure your success.

Sourcing our Coffee

Our coffee buyers travel to extremely remote countries to personally source the world’s most unique and exquisite specialty coffees for you. You will know where the coffee you serve comes from, the farmers and cooperatives name and their social and environmental contributions, the region where the coffee was grown, the elevation, the soil types. When it was harvested, how it was processed and how it was purchased. You will find comfort in knowing the purchase was made directly with the farmers and coops with a premium payment ensuring vitality in our trade and the future of the specialty coffee industry.

Roasting Our Coffee

We roast our coffees by hand and on demand using traditional roasting methods to unlock each individual flavor. For our international distributors, we roast your coffee the same day it ships to you and promote smaller more frequent deliveries to ensure freshness. Using reliable transport companies, we currently ship our coffees from our roastery in the Czech Republic to countries between France and Russia, so distance within Europe is not an issue.&mdash We put so much time and care into our coffee because we know it is not just another beverage, it defines who we are, and for wholesale, who you are...and what we care for......the artisan coffee roasters style of life. &mdash A flavor that can be appreciated by even those with the finest palate.

What we offer: espresso blends, direct trade coffees, single origin coffees, certified organic coffees, custom blends, private label for selected large volume customers (+500 units/month)

Our Tea

Six years ago we partnered with Harney and Sons Teas from New York. This company is known around the world as one of the highest quality tea suppliers. They have won numerous awards and supply some of the finest establishments around the world. One of their most recent awards was Best Tea of London in conjunction with the Brown Hotel by Rocco Forte. From this award they achieved endorsement by the Royal Palaces and created the Historic Royal Palace Collection as seen under the collections section of this webpage.

Their quality is unrivaled, their packaging is beautiful, their selection is endless and your customers will love it! By acting as a distributor for Harney and Sons for all of Central Europe, we have on stock over 400 Harney and Sons products ensuring you we have a tea program to best suite your needs.

What we offer: a wide variety of premium loose teas, pyramid silk sachets, bulk bags of silk sachets and paper sachets for hotel breakfasts and banquets/catering, gift tea collections for retail, home made ice tea for large (12L per brew) and small (1L per brew) consumption.

Our Hot Chocolates

We first developed our hot chocolate blends 5 years ago after months of cooperation with some of the worlds most prestigious chocolatiers in the US, Belgium and France. We wanted traceability in our chocolate similar to our coffee so we work with single origin chocolates. Our current Noir (dark chocolate) is from Ecuador and our Lait is from Vanuatu (milk chocolate). For our white chocolate we work with a blend of certified organic chocolates. We offer our chocolates as a service to our customers, it is no different than what a fine chef can make in their kitchen. We use traditional methods of grinding blocks of real chocolate and blend them with starch and sugar when needed. Our chocolates are 80 - 90% real chocolate with no artificial additives, coloring or preservatives. They also are using by some of the finest establishments and exported to chocolate shops around Europe. We highly suggest you try our hot chocolate blends. We currently only offer wholesale 1 kilo bulk bags.

What we offer: 1 kilo bulk bags of single origin and organic hot chocolates

Espresso and Filter Machines

We at La Boheme Cafe know that it takes more than just fine coffee for a quality coffee program. It requires machines that you can rely on which also take care in the preparation of specialty coffee. Machines which can control temperature and pressure not to stress the coffee in its final stages of preparation. Machines that combine innovation, reliability and ease of use. Machines like Dalla Corte espresso machines (www.dallacorte.com), Marco filter machines (www.marco.ie) and for our office wholesale accounts Technivorm brewers (www.technivorm.com). Please see the links for more information about these machines or contact us for a more in depth presentation of these products and technologies and why they are the choice at La Boheme Cafe.

For our local customers we install the machines and start you on a training program on how to use and maintain the machines and barista techniques on how to prepare proper coffee.

Alternative Brewing

There is no better way for a restaurant, cafe or hotel bar to offer a more thorough and creative coffee offering than alternative brewing. True coffee connoisseurs love individually brewed servings of coffee, starting with a story of the farm, knowing its freshly roasted by La Boheme Cafe, ground immediately before brewing, having it brewed with the correct proportion of coffee / water / time and prepared with care for their enjoyment.

You can easily accomplish this with a wide selection of alternative brewing such as incorporating into your establishment a Hario drip bar, chemex coffee brewers, aeropress coffee brewers, table top vacuum pot service, french presses, etc..

Many of our European customers have 3 main misconceptions when it comes to alternative brewing, The first misconception is everyone just wants espresso or customers do not like filter coffee, the second is it takes too long or it is too complicated to prepare alternative brewing in their establishment and 3rd is their customer will not know the difference in quality for any preparation.

All of these are far from the truth. With the proper marketing of a coffee menu and training of bar staff, you too can offer these unique and fun options in your coffee offering with ease of preparation. We often inform customers that if preparation is a concern, they are in the wrong business. There is a routine for preparing any beverage. From the presentation of wine, to properly pulling a beer, to properly preparing a vacuum pot, it is all the same and it is only training and practice required.

For the establishments who fall into the 3rd category, and there is many of you, contact us immediately for a consultation before the competition in your neighborhood who understands coffee steal your clients.

Contact us for more information about how to incorporate an alternative brewing concept for your establishment.

What we offer: Hario Pour Overs, vacuum pots, french presses, drip bars, cold brew.

Barista Supplies, Accessories and Consumables

With creating a coffee and tea offering comes the need to have all of the accessories around the product. At La Boheme Cafe we have everything it takes for a full coffee program and if there is something we do not carry, most likely we can source it for you. We offer porcelain cups to best serve your coffee, paper cups for your coffee to go concept, organic / fair trade brown and white sugars, stirrers, tempers, pitchers and much, much more. When you contact us for a consultation we will be happy to offer you a full list of the needed supplies to run your coffee program.

What we offer: porcelain cups, paper cups, barista supplies, sugar, syrups, posters, leaflets, and much more

Our Customer Service

Unlike our competitors, we at La Boheme Cafe do not just drop off the products and machines and forget about you. On the contrary we will install your machines, you will immediately be assigned one of our friendly customer service representatives and a barista trainer. Our customer service representatives not only manages your account but they're also available to assist you in ordering, inventory management, marketing messaging as well as other help like creating for you a coffee menu, concepts of alternative brewing, coffee pairing and recipes.

Our Training

As stated in our wholesale qualifications section, to be a wholesale partner with La Boheme Cafe, you must be trained on the proper use and maintenance of your machines and the proper preparation of coffee. When purchasing a machine from La Boheme Cafe, we will install the machine for you and you will begin the training process. Training on machine operation and maintenance is critical to complete prior to barista training, and barista training is required prior to serving our coffee. On going maintenance and quality checks will be conducted by our training staff and account managers and reports will be generated and issued to cafe managers or owners for their review. To share in our vision of preparing quality specialty coffee your staff must be thoroughly trained, it guarantees the integrity of the farmer, La Boheme Cafe products as well as your responsibility of supplying the highest quality product to your customer.

Cafe Real Estate Consultation

We work closely with real estate companies in Europe for helping inspiring entrepreneurs to build a quality oriented successful cafe concept and coffee program. Contact us to discover more information about where the current and upcoming cafe locations are available by scheduling a consultation.

Financial Packages and Machine Leasing

Depending on your account and your budget, we have several financial packages that will best suit your needs. We understand that starting or expanding your business is never easy, so any financial support you may acquire along the way is helpful.

As mentioned above, as a specialty coffee supplier, our number 1 priority is the owners, managers and customers baristas commitment to excellence in supplying high quality specialty coffee to your customers.

When it comes to obtaining investment from our company to yours, several other aspects come into play. Important aspects like the commitment of the owner to their new business, the potential of the location where the business is conducted, a review of the business plan and your concept, the potential benefit to La Boheme Cafe for our investment, the reciprocal business for our products and the commitment to brand loyalty for our support.

It is important to understand, we have hundreds of enquiries for financial packages from all types of customers. For those customers who understand or who are willing to learn more about the importance of specialty coffee, what makes it different from commercial coffee and how to promote specialty coffee in their establishment and for those who care about quality, their business concept and its success, our packages are here to benefit you. Please contact us to learn more about what we can offer and what commitment you will need to have to benefit from our financial packages.

What we offer: the know how, consultation on building a cafe/restaurant concept, trainings, seminars, financial packages, real estate consultation.

International Distribution

We currently have many international distributors supplying both HoReCa and Retail chains. We have the know-how on how to make international distribution successful and offer many distribution programs to support your business. Please contact us for more information about becoming an International Distributor for La Boheme Cafe and Harney and Sons products.

Please find below the fill in form for wholesale enquiries. It is the best way to have our team contact you. If you would rather contact us by phone, we’d love to hear from you at +420 774 407 001. As always, we appreciate your interest in La Bohème Café.

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