Chai is a popular drink not only in India but also all over the world, and its history goes back thousands of years. On 21 September, we celebrate International Chai Day, the perfect opportunity to prepare a blend of spices and black tea to give you energy and improve your mood. Join us as we explore its fascinating history and raise a toast.

What is Chai?

The name chai comes from Hindi and means tea. The word originates in the Chinese word cha, which can be translated as teaMasala chai then literally translates as spiced tea, and this name has become synonymous with chai, a drink brewed with milk, sugar and spices. Recipes for masala chai vary according to region and individual preference. Traditional masala chai is a black tea enriched with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and black pepper. When you say chai, in most cases, it means masala chai. Saying chai tea is an unnecessary repetition, so it is better to use the term chai or masala chai.

In India, chai is practically the national drink, and most people consume three to four cups daily from morning to night. Chaiwallas, which means "tea drinkers," are common in India and can be found everywhere. They prepare, sell and serve tea at corner stalls and small shops. In India, chai is traditionally prepared using fresh ingredients. 

Our range of chai from Harney and Sons includes a variety of varieties for you to try. Each has unique composition and taste characteristics that satisfy even the biggest chai lover.

A traditional version that has gained popularity all over the world. Freshly ground cardamom and spices are blended with roasted Assam tea, creating a delicious spicy flavour. This chai tastes excellent when served with milk and sugar.

Chai Hara
Want to try something new? How about a green tea version of chai? In Hindi, the word Hara means green, and this green tea is enriched with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and ginger.

Organic Rooibos Chai
We have something for the notorious insomniac, too. Organic Rooibos Chai combines the caffeine-free herb Rooibos, also called red bush from South Africa, with sweet Indian spices, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. This tea is known for its calming effects, so sit back and enjoy this blend without worrying about a sleepless night. 

Chaga Chai
Try an unconventional version from our wellness collection. We've combined Canadian Chaga mushrooms with a blend of aromatic spices. We like to enjoy this tea with milk and honey.

How about a chai

Preparing chai is similar to preparing other teas, unless you choose to schedule it from fresh ingredients instead of a ready-made blend. Another option is to use a combination of milk and water to steep the chai leaves. If you like iced tea, pour hot water over the chai and add ice. Chai lattes, whether hot or cold, have gained popularity worldwide. Have you heard the expression "dirty chai"? If you order it at a coffee shop, the barista will add a shot of espresso to your chai drink.

Which version of chai is your favourite? If you fancy more interesting chai recipes, get inspired with us!

Chai Cookies Snickerdoodles

If you are a tea biscuit lover like us, then be sure to try our recipe for traditional snickerdoodles with the addition of spicy chai to give them a new and exciting taste.

Chai pumpkin pie

We all love a good cup of tea with a slice of pumpkin pie in autumn, but what if you could incorporate the spicy goodness of chai tea right into the pie itself?

In conclusion

If you're already a chai lover, we hope you've discovered a new curiosity or recipe today to help you celebrate International Chai Day. If you have yet to taste chai, we hope we've inspired you to try it as soon as possible today!