Mexico Fatima Natural

Finca Fatima

In 2023, we visited the family farm Finca Fatima and had the privilege to meet the farmer Ernesto Perez and his family in person. During our visit, we carefully selected the Typica and Marsellesa beans that we are now roasting. These unique beans carry with them not only the story of the Perez family, but also the whole atmosphere and flavours of Mexico. We are delighted to introduce this delicious coffee to you.

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Juicy and sweet. Flavors of strawberry and red grape with a long caramel finish.

Major coffee power

Finca Fatima is a family-owned coffee estate located in Coatepec, Veracruz at 1250 masl. Coatepec is known as the oldest origin and capital of coffee in Mexico where the first coffee trees were introduced.This farm has been used for coffee farming many years before it was acquired in the 1950’s by Genoveva Perez Redondo Galvan. Its cultivars are shade-grown and home to hundreds of animal and plant species. The weather in Fatima is mainly humid/foggy, with 4 distinct seasonal changes.