Discover the revolutionary method of preparing coffee with the original AeroPress. This innovative product comes from the workshop of the American toy company Aerobie, and although it may seem strange at first glance, its practical use and ability to prepare a great cup of coffee will soon win your heart. The AeroPress is a popular tool among coffee enthusiasts around the world due to its unique design. Simply put, it is a device that works on the principle of compression, which guarantees you a clean and delicious cup of coffee. It achieves this with the help of a microfilter, which carefully retains the particles of ground coffee and allows you to enjoy the perfect taste without residue.

A revolutionary method of coffee preparation

AeroPress brings an unconventional approach to coffee preparation that will excite you. Thanks to the microfilter, you can be sure that your cup of coffee will be full of rich taste without unwanted particles. A simple pressing mechanism allows you to prepare great coffee anytime and anywhere.

Each AeroPress comes in its original packaging, which also contains 350 paper filters. AeroPress gives you a simple and efficient way to a delicious coffee experience.