AeroPress - Filter cap for flow regulation

Thanks to the innovative addition of Flow Control, preparing coffee in the AeroPress is easier than ever. This ventilation system reacts to pressure and in this way effectively eliminates dripping, allowing you to enjoy a cup of coffee exactly as you like.

Full control over the coffee preparation process
By connecting the innovative AeroPress Flow Control filter to your coffee machine, you get full control over the coffee preparation process. This also means that you can experiment with different coarseness of the coffee grind or adjust the length of preparation to your preferences .

Foam like from a cafe
If you like espresso with a creamy foam, then you will be delighted to use Flow Control. In combination with a paper filter and dark roasted coffee, it creates a creamy foam.

Flow Control can be used with both Aeropress stainless steel filter and Aeropress paper microfilters to create a variety of flavor profiles. This cap is compatible with the AeroPress Original, AeroPress Go and AeroPress Clear coffee machine models, with the exception of the AeroPress XL model.

Why try the Flow Control filter cap

✔️ Full control during coffee preparation
✔️ Pressure activated valve
✔️ Compatible with all AeroPress models (except AeroPress XL)
✔️ Espresso-like foam
✔️ Can be used with metal and paper filters
✔️ Made in the USA