Baratza Encore Automatic Grinder

Automatic grinder with a minimalist design and equipped with high-quality conical grinder blades made of hardened steel. The Encore grinder offers a wide range of up to 40 degrees of coffee grinding and is characterized by a long service life.

Usually the delivery time for this product is 7-10 working days

Color: Black

Quality grinder for perfect coffee

The body of the grinder has a minimalist design, is compact and made of plastic resistant to fingerprints. This model is equipped with a grinder on demand function, which means that the coffee is ground immediately before preparation, directly into the container or flask. Coffee grinding can be started with a simple pulse press of the button, which gives you full control over the amount of ground coffee. In addition, the Encore Grinder is equipped with an ON/OFF switch, allowing the device to be turned on and off easily.

The Encore Grinder offers a wide range of up to 40 degrees of coffee grinding, which includes fine to coarse settings. It is equipped with high-quality hardened steel cone grinder blades that are made in Europe. This quality construction guarantees an even and precise grinding of the coffee, which is key to achieving an excellent taste. Removing the grinder blades takes just a few seconds, which simplifies cleaning and keeping them in optimal condition. This ensures a long grinder life and consistent coffee grinding performance.