Celebration Espresso Blend

A sweet and fruity blend

At La Bohème, we have created a Celebration espresso blend that reflects the joyous moments of life and celebrating with loved ones. This is a sweet and fruity blend with a rich full body with flavors of chocolate, spice and red cherries.

To create it, we combined coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador and Ethiopia to achieve a dynamic and complex flavour that is suitable for all types of preparation.

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Celebration is one of our most popular espresso blends and we're sure you'll love it too!

Celebrate coffee moments

Celebration coffee has a distinctive taste that combines chocolate, allspice, cardamom and notes of juicy cherries. The low astringency makes it a smoothness and an excellent choice for those who like their coffee with chocolate notes. You will enjoy this blend in a classic espresso and a whipped cappuccino with a distinctive fruity taste for coffee moments with your loved ones.