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Celebration Espresso Blend

At La Bohème, we have created the Celebration espresso blend to reflect the joyful moments of life and celebrations with loved ones. It is a sweet and fruity blend with a rich full body with flavours of chocolate, spices and red cherries.

We have blended coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador and Ethiopia to create a dynamic and complex blend suitable for all types of preparation. We recommend this unique blend for classic espresso or with whipped milk to create the perfect creamy cappuccino enriched with subtle fruity notes.

Celebration is one of our most popular espresso blends and we're sure you'll love it too!

Flavour profile

chocolate / banana / allspice / cherry


  • Countries:  Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia
  • Roasting profile: City+

Recommended preparation

Temperature: 92°C 
10g Single, 18g Double 
28 sec. with 5 sec. pre-infusion