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Chamomile loose tea 85 g

Harney & Sons sources the highest quality chamomile flowers from Egypt. The result is a premium herbal tea with a light body, perfect for winding down during a hectic afternoon at the office or at home at the end of the day. Customers say that this chamomile tea has an unusually strong, fresh scent that reminds them of the smell of green apples.

Ingredients: Egyptian chamomile.

The can contains 85 g of loose tea.


Details: Chamomile herbal tea
Tea leaves: Dark yellow flowers and chamomile pollen
Pickle color: Bright yellow
Aroma: A light floral fragrance with a subtle scent of apples
Flavor: A delicate taste of chamomile with a very subtle apple flavor
Caffeine: Without caffeine
Intensity: Lightweight
Time of preparation: 5 minutes
Optimum temperature: 100°C