Indonésie Cup Of Excellence Set

An exclusive set for true lovers of fine coffee. Indonesia Zakiah #4 fruity-floral coffee, which won the prestigious 4th place in the Cup of Excellence 2022 competition, a popular porcelain cup with a toucan, and a limited edition bag "This bag contains caffeine".

Cup of Excellence

In 2022, Charles, the founder of La Bohème Café, was invited to the international jury of the very first Cup of Excellence competition in Indonesia. During this competition, he had the opportunity to taste unique coffees that impressed him with their unmistakable taste. Therefore, when the auction of these coffees was held, Charles signed up without hesitation. With incredible persistence and determination, Charles spent the entire 8 hours at the auction. And his efforts were rewarded, he managed to get an exceptional coffee for La Bohème, which took fourth place! And now you can taste this coffee too!

When tasting this coffee, you will feel the juicy taste of ripe tangerines and apricots, which is perfectly complemented by the intoxicating aroma of wild flowers and lavender.

The set consists of a La Boheme Cafe porcelain cup, Indonesia Zakiah #4 coffee and a "This bag contains caffeine" bag.