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Dragon Pearl Jasmine, Classic Tin of 20 Sachets

Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea from Fuan, China consists of small, hand-rolled green tea "pearls" delicately scented with floral essences from jasmine flowers. It has a fresh, delicate and floral aroma that makes drinking tea a delightful experience.

Ingredients: Green tea, white tea, natural jasmine flower aroma.

The tin weighs 40g and contains 20 silk sachets


Details: Chinese green tea with natural jasmine aroma
Tea Leaves: Small rolled "pearls" of faded green and white leaves
Liquor: Clear with a yellow tinge
Aroma: Jasmin
Flavor: Sweet and floral
Caffeine: Caffeinated
Body: Medium-bodied
Brewing time: 3 minutes
Brewing Temp: 80ºC