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Chamomile 50 pcs Premium

Egypt provides us with the highest quality chamomile, from which we only use the flowers. This creates a wonderful caffeine-free tea that has been served as a sedative for years. Tea made from the highest quality Egyptian chamomile. Customers say our chamomile has an unusually strong, fresh scent that reminds them of green apples.

Ingredients: Egyptian chamomile.

Box of 50 individually wrapped paper bags.


Details: Chamomile herbal tea
Tea leaves: Dark yellow flowers and chamomile pollen
Pickle color: Bright yellow
Aroma: A light floral fragrance with a subtle scent of apples
Flavor: A delicate taste of chamomile with a very subtle apple flavor
Caffeine: Without caffeine
Intensity: Lightweight
Time of preparation: 5 minutes
Optimum temperature: 100°C