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El Capitan Espresso Blend

In the blending laboratories of La Bohème Café we were aspiring to create a blend that would simply suit anybody - astonishing by balance, sweetness and the aftertaste. Now, after years of experimenting with its composites and recipes it is safe to say that we've achieved our goal. 

We believe that the composition of a good espresso blend is in fact the very same as of a musical piece - it has to be of balanced frequencies and dynamics. The high notes need to be laid down upon the low, bass ones, supported by full and round middles. 

El Capitan Blend has its basses laid in the combination of Robusta and Arabica, which gives it a truly heavy and sweet body. Then, for the middles and highs, they are accompanied by Guatemala and El Salvador which adds a little round fruitiness, balanced acidity and a bit of spice. 

In the body of this espresso you'll find cocoa, roasted peanuts, a little bit of marzipan, sun dried plums, and after all this follows the aftertaste - smooth, lingering caress of the dark chocolate.

 It also works perfectly with steamed milk, so treat yourself to an espresso or cappuccino and enjoy this beautiful concerto!

Flavour profile 

dark chocolate / dried plums / roasted nuts


  • Country: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, El Salvador
  • Roasting profile: City/ City+

Recommended preparation

  • Brew Ratio:1:2.6
  • Temperature: 92°C
  • Dose:10g Single; 17g Double
  • Time: 28 sec with 5 sec pre-extraction