Bohème Espresso Blend

Perfect balance

At La Bohème Café, we have long strived to create a blend that would appeal to every coffee lover with its fantastic balance, sweetness and rich flavour. After years of experimenting with ingredients and recipes, we can confidently say that we have achieved our goal. Bohème is a coffee that is characterised by its distinctive harmony, full flavour and velvety smooth texture.

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A cup of Bohème coffee will surprise you with smooth milk chocolate, almonds combination of forest fruits notes.

Espresso for the perfect everyday experience

This unique blend is created by combining coffee beans from different regions. From Brazil come beans that impart a sweet, nutty flavour. From Guatemala and El Salvador, we add beans that bring a light fruity flavour to the blend, and from Ethiopia, we get a coffee with a distinct aroma of jasmine and honey. All these coffees are directly traded and purchased directly from the farmer. This ensures the quality of our coffees and supports fair trade and sustainable agriculture.