Floral Bloom Espresso Blend

295 Kč

Here at La Boheme we have created a new seasonal espresso blend "Floral Bloom". This blend reflects the uplifting atmosphere of the spring time as we swap the snow for the sun and the flowers begin to bloom.

Discover tastes of Red Currants and Red Apples with pleasant undertones of Honey and White Chocolate.
We love to experiment with this espresso, adding it to tonic, cocktails and affogatos but of course it's still delicious as an espresso or mixed with steamed milk. Floral Bloom is our new staff favourite for espresso, we hope it will become yours too!

Recommended preparation

  • Temperature: 92.5 C
  • Dose: 10g Single, 18g Double
  • Time: 28 sec. with 5 sec. pre-infusion

Tasting Notes

red currant / apples / honey


  • Countries: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Roasting profile: City+

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