BIO Ethiopia Guji Dambi Uddo

Region Guji

The Guji region boasts incredibly pristine, untouched beauty and very warm and open-hearted people. Coffee grown in the local forests supports a diverse ecosystem while also helping to improve the living standards of the people living in this area. During our travels, we settled in the village of Shakiso and spent a wonderful week journeying into the remote forests for wild coffee with the village elder and one of the best coffee producers, Wadess.

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This coffee, processed using the dry method, is incredibly balanced. In the cup, you'll taste a syrupy body with a delicate lemon acidity and flavors of molasses, ginger, blackcurrant, and jasmine.

Guji remains close to our hearts with its beauty, because we are not indifferent to the lives of the local people. We have the opportunity to contribute to its development and we are very honored and proud to be able to contribute financially to the growth of the local school and the education of the local children.