Hario WDC-6 Cold Dripper

5.420 Kč

This cold dripper is at the same time very elegant and functional. With its help you can easily make delicious coffee while you will also be amazed by its sophistication. Cold water drips slowly onto the bed of coffee grounds making a low-acidity and low-bitterness coffee, while letting its aroma and taste stand out and shine.

First, shut the valve at the top chamber and fill it with ice cold water or ice cubes. Add a little bit of cold water on the grounds, wet the paper filter and place it over the coffee. This allows the water to disperse thoroughly so the coffee is extracted at a consistent rate. You should adjust the valve for approximately 1 drop per second. Once the extraction process begins, it is important to keep checking the Hario water dripper because the water level will decrease, causing the flow-rate to decline.

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