Chocolate Blanc - Dominican republic

245 Kč

A white version of our great hot cocoa chocolate from Dominican Republic. 

Delicious white chocolate with the intoxicating aroma of vanilla and flowers, buttery body and taste of condensed milk and dried tropical fruit. 

The production of white chocolate does not use the whole cocoa beans, but only the most valuable part, cocoa butter. This is then mixed with the milk powder to produce an absolute welfare. Our white chocolate is made from cocoa butter derived from a special bean called Sanchez, which is a specialty of the Dominican Republic. These beans are not fermented, but instead slowly dried in the sun. This makes the taste of these beans much more delicate and ideal for making white chocolate. 

29% cacao


Use 40g and 125 ml of milk, mix well and bring to boil. Serve and enjoy the delicious flavor as the drink thickens. For absolute well-being, sponge or marshmallow can be added. 

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