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CTC Assam Black Tea

This tea will transport you right to India! CTC Assam has a striking amber color, rich flavor and full body. It is a mixture of tea leaves harvested from more than one plantation during the first "flush" (harvest). The abbreviation CTC means that the tea has been processed in a “Cut, Tear and Curl” device (crushing, tearing, rolling). During this process, the tea leaves are fed into the top of the device, completely crushed, and then processed into balls, which then turn brown (oxidize) very quickly.

Ingredients: Black tea.

The package contains 50 pyramid bags.

Details: Real black tea
Tea leaves: Dark leaves crushed into small uniform pieces
Pickle color: Dark brown
Aroma: Bold and sweet
Flavor: Full body with honey notes
Caffeine: Contains caffeine
Intensity: High
Time of preparation: 5 minutes
Optimum temperature: 100°C